Cliff blowjob he tells me to slow down or he would cum too quickly


Spunk Worthy says: It took Cliff about 5 years to come back and get a happy-ending massage last time. And I think even he was wondering why he waited so long to try his first time doing anything with a guy.

If you saw that shoot, you’ll remember that he ended up cumming twice, back-to-back. The second time was helped along with about a minute of getting his dick sucked which pushed him right over the edge.

When I asked him about coming back for another scene, it went a little like this:

“Am I going to get another blowjob? ‘Cos if so, I’m down.”

He added that he loves getting head, but most girls he’s been with aren’t very good at it. (“Duh!” was my response.)

Cliff held off for about a day from his normal 3-a-day jerk-off schedule in anticipation, too. Laying back on the bed, he suddenly opened his eyes at one point, telling me to slow down or he was going to cum too quickly.

It didn’t take much to get him to the finish line when the time came. No fancy editing here; the build-up to the cum shot was pretty much in real time. And Cliff, who is normally kind of quiet when he busts, was left twitching and moaning as he dumped his load onto his stomach.


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Beach buddies Arne Coen bareback fucks Milan Sharpe


Belami says: Today’s update is with a couple of boys beach buddies Arne Coen bareback fucks Milan Sharpe who we work with on a slightly less than exclusive basis. It is not our normal way of doing things, but as both of these guys normally give outstanding performances we decided that it was not too big of a problem.



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XL twink in the woods gets hard bareback fucking


Spritzz says: In the summer, a young guy goes hiking in the woods and is surprised by Thomas displaying his big dong and taking a piss. The twink gets all hot and bothered, and it’s clear that the guys will be all over each other in seconds.

After plenty of licking and sucking, the pretty stranger stuffs his big bare dick in Thomas’ butt and fucks him to seventh heaven.


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Zeke Weidman and Valentin Petrov fuck on the kitchen counter top


Extra Big Dicks says: Zeke Weidman has been checking out his neighbors backyard and what him and his sexy Latino helper are up too. He’s getting horny just spying on them through the window so he calls over his BF Valentin Petrov to check it out.

They both stare as the neighbors work on the yard and then disappear into the garage. Knowing that the neighbors probably went to go hook up Valentin and Zeke get down to business in their kitchen.

What ensues is some very hot passionate sex on the counter top and next to the window for all to see. Both of these sexy men are voyeurs and it makes them explode knowing that someone might be watching.


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